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Roaring Fork Lifestyle Magazine

Thank You Roaring Fork Lifestyle Magazine! I am so proud and feel so much gratitude for this "Good News Issue" and the acknowledgement of "The Front Porch Project". This was such a fun and rewarding adventure that was only made possible by all of the wonderful humans who helped this to become a reality. I can't thank everyone enough that helped us through this inspiring campaign that documented the families in our Valley during one of the strangest and most poignant times in our lives. Together we were able to raise funds for Valley Settlement....a program that provides immigrant families the opportunities to thrive. These families are a major part of the workforce in The Roaring Fork Valley but have been overlooked during the pandemic. They don't qualify for stimulus checks or unemployment. The families helped through this campaign are doing everything they can to keep their children healthy and safe. Because of the generosity and compassion to everyone involved in The Front Porch Project we have been able to bring relief during this incredibly stressful time. Thank You all so much...and Thank You Caitlin Causey for such a great story! If you would like to see a copy of the article google " Roaring Fork Lifestyle Magazine " and subscribe to their digital issues♥️

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