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Hi! I'm Nancy, a VW Photo Booth operator and freelance photographer. I have such a passion for capturing life's joyous moments through the lens of a camera.


Fifteen years ago I relocated with my family to the gorgeous state of Colorado and settled in the Roaring Fork Valley. live in my small resort town of Glenwood Springs is beyond exciting! It was actually named the most fun town in America several years ago.There are so many choices that we have when it comes to experiencing pure joy! It seriously has the most beautiful scenery, highest roller coasters, friendliest people ....and to die for ski areas and majestic mountains! Every morning I say just "pinch me" did I land in paradise?! There's just something about being surrounded by nature that rejuvenates my spirit and inspires me to see the beauty in every moment. I think my three Golden Retrievers would completely agree! 


Laughter is truly the spice of life, and absolutely part of the reason for creating unique VW Photo Bus. I just love driving her up and down our little valley and telling stories with all the locals about how it all began. It's also so much fun to hear all the stories about everyone who used to have their own VW bus! Seeing smiles on people's faces brings me so much joy....whether it's listening to customers reminisce or a goofy grin behind the photo booth! I believe that all of these moments of shared happiness have helped to shape me into the person that I am today.


As a photographer, I can honestly say that my specialty is capturing the essence of people when they are genuinely happy. It's all about the laughter of a child, the proud smile of a graduate, or the gorgeous glow of a newlywed couple....nothing compares! I will always continue to strive to create everlasting memories through my lens! Being invited to document your special events is an honor I cherish....I am fully aware that these are the moments that shape people's lives.


My core values center around giving back to those who need it most. I'm actively involved in the community and love to donate my time, resources and expertise to help improve the lives of people in well as our furry friends. Honestly....there's nothing quite as heartwarming as seeing a rescued dog find their forever home, knowing that I played a small part in making it happen. Phoebe the Photo Bus has been up and down the Roaring Fork Valley helping to raise additional funds for numerous groups in need. We have helped to organize raffles for homeless dogs and take their photos to raise funds. High Country Photo Bus has also made a difference in the lives of many local residents who lost their income during Covid. We raised funds to help them pay necessary bills like food, electric and cover their gas/heating bills. The Front Porch Project was created. Phoebe the VW Bus drove up and down the valley to capture photos of people in our community sitting on their porch. We asked everyone that had their photo taken to donate to our Go Fund me page if they well as tell their own personal story about how the covid tragedy affected them personally. The stories were published in our local Roaring Fork Magazine .....and thousands of dollars were raised for a non profit charity called Valley Settlement. I feel that all of the photos taken documented a time in history that will never be forgotten!


Looking to the future, my goal is to continue creating a beautiful life through my passion for photography and making a positive impact on the world. I'm excited about exploring new avenues in the field ( we recently acquired a little vintage camper to add on our second photo booth )....and I'm also learning more about the possibility of drone videos! So exciting to always be pushing the boundaries of my creativity, and capturing the essence of life's profound moments. I firmly believe that life is full of unexpected beauty, and my motto is to seize each moment with gratitude and a big gorgeous smile! Life is meant to be lived, loved, and cherished, and I'm here to capture those precious memories, one snapshot at a time!

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The Front Porch  Project

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